BlueHost vs FastDomain

BlueHost versus FastDomain

There are many different shared hosting providers available, and it may often be difficult to see or to understand those differences, however, there are many different ways that these may be compared to each other in order to see which one comes out on top, and which is not only the better deal, but which one works the best in regards to the needs of the individual. BlueHost and FastDomain are two of the myriad hosting providers that a person may choose from for shared hosting services; by looking at their different plans and comparing the two, it is possible to see which of the two has the most optimal features, which is the most reliable of the two, and which offers the most in regards to the hosting plans themselves.

BlueHost vs FastDomain

FastDomain offers unlimited hosting space, unlimited file transfers, unlimited domain hosting, 2,500 email accounts that may be setup as either POP3 or IMAP, secure shell access, SSL, FTP, statistics, CGI, Ruby on Rails, the ability to use Perl, PHP, and MySQL. Their shared hosting plan allows FrontPage Extensions to be enabled, comes with a free domain, and has a free site building program. The control panel that is used by FastDomain is cPanel. FastDomain has a deal going on currently for $5.95 per month, but their standard rate is $6.95 per month. Their customer service is open 2477.

BlueHost offers unlimited hosting space, unlimited file transfers, unlimited domain hosting, and unlimited email accounts; the email accounts may be setup as either POP3 or IMAP, as the customer prefers. They provide a free domain on sign up, and they have various free one click script installs for a variety of online stores, site builders, and WordPress. They provide secure shell (SSH) access, FTP, SSL, site traffic statistics, Ruby on Rails (RoR) and CGI. They offer the ability to use Perl, MySQL, and PHP. The control panel used by their shared hosting plan is cPanel, and they offer a $100 Google Adwords credit (with additional Adwords purchase through Google). Their tech support/ customer service is open 24/7 and it is not outsourced. Their shared plan typically runs $6.95 per month, but they have a current deal going for $4.95 per month starting.

There are many similarities that are present when looking at these two hosting providers, and they have comparable uptime, and it must be said that there are very few differences between the two companies, however, the differences that are present are specific and worth taking a closer look at. FrontPage Extensions is something that FastDomain offers that Bluehost does not, however this is not a bonus, as FrontPage Extensions is no longer being used; it is an outdated technology that is no longer being updated. While there are still users who prefer to work in FrontPage Extensions, the fact that this technology is no longer getting updates, the exploits that are present and have been present since updates were discontinued are still there, and the customer has the potential ability to be exploited if they use this technology.

FastDomain limits the amount of email addresses that may be used on their shared plan, and while 2,500 is a good amount, if a company opts to use a shared hosting plan for their site, that limits their ability to continue to grow, and they will have to work to find another hosting provider later if they wish to exceed this amount. If a business opts to use the shared package, they would do better with Bluehost, especially if they are used to using Google Adwords; and this is only if they are familiar with this type of service, as the hosting provider only has the affiliate offer, they do not assist in teaching or troubleshooting regards to Adwords, this must all be done through Google. The next aspect that the customer must look at is in regards to the pricing; yes, both hosts have the same standard rate per month on their two shared plans, however, their starting prices for those plans differ, and as such it must be said that Bluehost has the better price, being $1 cheaper to start than FastDomain, and offering more with their hosting plan besides. Yes, the price difference is only $1, and that is not a large amount, however, when looking at the cost benefit analysis of what the two different plans offer versus what they are priced at, the difference is there, and the extra dollar just isn’t worth it for FastDomain.

Through an exacting review of the different features offered by the two different plans, it is easy to see that Bluehost is the more cost effective and cost efficient of the two plans, based not only on the extra features that they offer for no additional charge, but also in regards to the datedness of technologies that are used between the two, and based upon the limitations that one plan has versus the other.

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